July 1, 2018
contemporary love poetry

I Like You Pretty Much, Let’s See How it Goes!

All my life I dreamt of You are a puzzle Asked for and Solved by my heart Little by little With every experience I had, Each piece I liked, Each trait I appreciated, Each feeling i wished for, Is you in a puzzle box. The universe listens My every thought and wish And gave you to me, In art form. The masterpiece of my heart You are Elevating my senses, […]
June 6, 2018

Infidelity – How To Avoid Betrayal

Is there a deeper pain in a love relationship between two healthy partners other than feeling betrayal? Could be true that all man lie and cheat? Is it possible to have a deep, fulfilling connection and live in monogamy? Or is this only an utopia meant to keep our expectations high?  Have you ever wonder how would relationships look like if we could rely on our partner’s loyalty? Infidelity is […]
March 20, 2018

How to Keep The Spark Alive in a Long Term Relationship?

Studies show that it takes 6 months to 2 years for the sexual attraction to fade in a long term relationship. There was even a theatre play written by Beigbeder named ‘Love Lasts 3 Years’. He was actually referring to the sexual attraction, but many people mistaken the attraction and attachment for love. Dad said I’m an idealist, but I believe that love, attraction and passion can continue to grow […]
March 20, 2018

How to Properly Identify and Communicate your Feelings

Probably you heard this many times: Communication is the key of a great relationship. I believe that too. It’s not the only key, but one of the most important ones. Observing my relationships, but also the ones of my clients, I saw how communication blockages lead to most of the fights in a couple. Lack of respect also “helps” leading to that low vibe situation. So what can you do […]
November 30, 2017


Let`s feel the Autumn! It`s our season: bold and colorful, courageous and surprising. Let`s feel the Love! It’s our legacy: kind and conditioning, inspiring and uplifting. Come closer, touch my mind! Let your hands feast on my bum, While I smile shy and obscene. Loosen my dress, open my road full of shapes and curves, While I moan on your neck. We connect, the play starts. We dance so close […]
November 15, 2017


  Promise me poems written with your lips on my skin, when you get back. I so like what you wrote to me last night. It`s not what you said, but the way you said it… It awoke my senses, made me dream and float, smile and surrender. It’s that thing you do that makes me lose control and I remain completely undefended in your arms, because you told me […]